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Grace is a friendly, welcoming congregation. You can expect to be greeted by folks at the door, and by others in the congregation who will be genuinely glad you came. 

Most people dress on the casual side, but please wear whatever modest attire you are comfortable wearing. And if you have only one option, come as you are! 

You can expect a service of worship that is biblical, historical, reverent and joyful.  We use multiple instruments and vocalists and sing both traditional and modern hymns that are faithful to God's Word. 

You can expect the sermon to be a faithful, Christ-centered, understandable explanation of the Bible text we are studying. Expect to be encouraged and challenged! 

We are a child-friendly church. We love to see families with little ones in the service. However we also provide a nursery and preschool class during the service as well as a room with a speaker and a window where parents can still participate in the service while tending to little ones. 

We celebrate the Lord's Supper on the first and third Sundays of each month and is open to all believers in Christ who are members in good standing of a Bible teaching congregation. 

We hope you will join us this Sunday! 

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